Thursday, November 30, 2006
For some reason, I have been in a total Bloc Party mood. I was wandering around campus this evening when the HEAT (Higher Education Area Transit) here in Greensboro passed by. Its free to ride, so I hopped on with my video camera without a clue where I was headed.

I ended up at UNC-Greensboro wandering around in buildings turning door knobs til one opened. In some class building I did this and opened the door to some sketch guy just sitting in the dark alone. I think he needed a little Bloc Party. To keep you all out of dark and dusty classrooms alone, here is a bit of Bloc Party. Enjoy.

Lelo at Tickle
I am sure most of you know all about Shara Worden, also known as My Brightest Diamond. Therefore I will not deluge into a long sermon about how amazing she is. I just thought since I have been listening to her all day, I would share some songs with you so you could listen with me. Of course, you could have listened with me if you were anywhere in Greensboro today, as I was blasting it out of my open windows as I drove to The Fresh Market for some muffins - oh how I enjoy 75 degree weather at the start of December!

My Brightest Diamond
Something of an End
Golden Star
If I Could Say One Thing
The Good & The Bad Guy
Je N’en Connais Pas La Fin L’Hymne A L’Amour
Feeling Good

If you don't know about My Brightest Diamond, I suggest this as further reading. This will be on the final exam.
I had an opportunity to ask Zachary Gresham of Summer Hymns a few questions I had about the past, their label, and especially their newest album, Backward Masks. These guys aren't what one could call newbies, as the trend seems to be, they have quite a load of experience beneath their belt. Beginning in the late 90's in Athens' GA, where a scene was constructing much of what many of us listen to today, they worked with members of many bands who I fancy quite well today.

"Summer Hymns did share some members with Elf Power and Of Montreal, as well as the Masters of the Hemisphere." Explains Gresham, before going on to explain how such an arrangement come about.

It was a "natural coincidence [more] than any sort of an attempt at anything. [But] the folks who we shared with Elf Power and Of Montreal at that time don't play with [us] any more. Back in those days everyone was playing with everybody and it was a very open and conducive environment to inspired songwriting and performances."

It is not all that rare to share band members though, "Many bands in Athens have been rotating casts that float around interesting and adept songwriters and personalities, like Andrew Reiger (Elf Power) and Kevin Barnes (Of Montreal). Our bass player from Clemency and Fool's Gold has been playing bass with Of Montreal for the last two years."

It all didn't come together all that easily though, the band has had its troubles, I argue they are owed a bit of a time under the spotlight. It would seem things were starting to fall into place back in 2003 with the release of Clemency.

"Clemency is the first record that we put out where it seemed that everything came together nicely, where it seemed like we were building something," explains Gresham. He believes though, that Clemency was a lot different than Voice Brother and Sister and Celebratory Arm Gesture. "Clemency, I think, maybe pulled in some people because it was less dense and psychedelic, but on the other hand I think that some of the people who were there for the first two albums maybe weren't quite sure what to think because it was more stripped down and subtle."

With what they had built through Clemency about who they were and weren't, they went on tour for a while, wrote new material that was a little more like all three albums and birthed Backward Masks this month.

"I think that the new record Backward Masks represents us at the beginning of a new phase that marries the differences between making a record like Clemency and the first two records."

Up until this point though, we have only discussed this in a way that would imply you knew what was going on in the lives of these people. What is the back story to Summer Hymns? Gresham explains it was really the movement of style at that time in Athens, Georgia history, which ultimately led to a major transition in mainstream and indie music nationally.

"When Philip and I started Summer Hymns we had been playing together with my high school band Joe Christmas. We recorded two records and were somewhat successful in Athens in the mid-90's. Around that time we were both getting into music that was a lot different than what we were playing and some of the other guys were getting more into heavy metal from the 80s and other stuff that we didn't feel as inspired by. So I think that ultimately we felt limited by what we could do in Joe Christmas, as we were a full fledged drop D indie rock band that liked to rock who seemed to be headed towards making some sort of glam metal, guitar pop, goth type music that seemed to be incongruent to what we were getting off on musically and what we were playing when we got together to play with our friends. Although I will say that now in hindsight that if I could go back to that time that I would have waited until after the third Joe Christmas record to split off into Summer Hymns because I'd really like to hear the record that we would have made together during the time before our breakup."

Despite Gresham's nostalgia, I am fairly glad he made the change. Who knows what Summer Hymns would sound like these days had he given himself time to become more interested in goth/glam rock; certainly not the Summer Hymns that can be heard on Backward Masks.

They have a short 2 week tour in late January, with big plans for 2007. I will be sure to post tour dates as they come available. In the meantime, enjoy these songs, which I posted on two previous occasions, because I love them.

Backward Masks:
Start Swimming
Pity and Envy

Some older tracks
Wet Miles (Clemency)
Trouble (Clemency)
Somethings going on (A Celebratory Arm Gesture)
Trolling on the Lake (A Celebratory Arm Gesture)
Half Sick of Shadows (Voice Brother and Sister)
Knock Louder (Voice Brother and Sister)
Fear the Law (Fools Gold)
What They Really Do (Fools Gold)

Buy the album.
Older post about Summer Hymns.
Great Selection of Vibrators at Tickle
Sufjan Stevens, who we posted about months and months ago, is still planning to do 50 albums for 50 states. He has done Illinois, Michigan, and... Christmas? What the.... Sufjan, in his spare time, somehow has managed to record a 5 disk holiday box set. How he does it, I have no idea. Six albums in six year, and now a new box set. Amazing.

The songs are very nice. I was raised Baptist and have somewhere along the time line of my life abandoned it for a more Buddhist approach to things. I still appreciate the songs as a celebration of the season, but maybe not the holiday.

The box set (titled “Songs for Christmas”) is chock full of surprises, including the following items (if you don’t mind us ruining the surprise):

• Five individually packaged CD EPs!
• Five Christmas stickers!
• Extensive liner notes and short stories by Sufjan Stevens!
• An original Christmas essay by Rick Moody! (Highly recommended reading)
• An animated music video and comic strip by Tom Eaton!
• A Christmas Songbook with lyric sheets and chord charts--so you can sing along too!
• An original Christmas Family Portrait painting of Santa Sufjan (with wife and kids!) by Jacques Bredy!

Buy the box set online here!

Songs from the holiday box set-
Joy to the World
Let's Boogey to the Elf Dance
Sister Winter
That was the worst Christmas ever

Songs from other albums by Sufjan-
Chicago (acoustic)
Year of the dog
All good naysayers
Niagra Falls
Sunday, November 26, 2006
It seems so many of my posts have been overtaken with a political edge. I hope that is okay with you all, it seems so much in my life has been revolving around politics.

I saw The Fountain tonight. My two friends and myself joined four other brave souls in seeing it. The theater was quite empty, needless to say. It made me quite sad to see those empty seats because the movie was quite spectacular. I am not entirely sure I was able to understand a great deal of it, but I think that is alright. I recommend it to anyone who has ever wondered "what if we could live forever?" or anyone who hasn't, really. I need to think more about this, to decipher what this means on a larger scale. I think...

So what have I been listening to you ask? Well, I have been replaying The Fountain's soundtrack a bit, but I also have this band called Memphis playing. I think I am a little late on this, but I think I still need to talk about it. (I hope it gets the cred it deserves.)

So I am certain most of you know who Stars are. Ya know, the great Canadian "indie" band fronted by Torquil Campbell - a little synth/pop/etc. setup... ah, click here for more about Stars. Okay, so Memphis, besides being one of the hardest bands to find on the net, way to go naming yourself a US city associated with country music) they have put together something that seems even harder to find these days - music that bounces but doesn't "pop."

I have seen a couple reviews/discussions on these guys and in all instances Memphis have just been compared to Stars. This is something which happens far too often; a bands lead produces a side project and it is compared with their main work, but what these people don't realize is if they wanted to make music like/comparable to what they do everyday, why would they want a side project? Besides, I don't even think they are the same in any way. Sure Torquil Campbell is there, but besides a name, I see/hear nothing of Stars.

Memphis isn't just Torquil Campbell; Torquil is joined by Chris Dumont who had some vague association with Campbell a long time ago, before Dumont decided to take a nap in Central Park, or something like that. The two make sweet southern/norther, Canadian/American music that, like I said before, bounces. It is not pop at all, in any way. Segments of the album touch on the ill-lost "emo" music of my past in "A Ghost Story." (I hate to use the phrase "emo" because of its poor connotation, but I use it here to strictly to signify an emotional story told through a song.)

However, emotionality is not the focus of this album - it is only a step along the pathway. The brass leading the way unto gentle dreamy strings melded together by lustrous vocals - This is the soundtrack to discovery. Each song moves us further to our place in this chaotic world, or as Memphis puts it in the title to their album, "A Little Place In The Wilderness".

Unfortunately, this album is only available in the US as an import for a fine price of about $24. Is it worth it? Damn right it is. Get it on Amazon here.

To prove it, here are a couple tracks from this wonderful album:
I dreamed we fell apart [mp3]
Incredibly drunk on whiskey [mp3] (a more pop-like song)

Like I said, Memphis' website is a task to find. Here it is for you.


Saturday, November 25, 2006
I have no musical news, but this needs to be heard about. NYPD opened fire on a groom and three other men today as they left a bachelor party; the groom was killed and two others wounded. As of yet, NYPD has offered no response or reason for the murder. Luckily, Rev. Al Sharpton is involved and I hope we can all find out what these men did. I very much so hope it was something worthy of killing them. Otherwise, I only have more proof the police are useless. I suppose the LAPD are happy something has taken the spotlight off them.

Read the full story here at Yahoo.

Photo credit: Brian Short, Arizona indyMedia

If you know a song that might be good to listen to right now, please respond in the comments.
Friday, November 24, 2006
Today has been a great day. Slept in for a while. Woke up to eat. Took another long nap listening to Explosions in the Sky, woke up to read this amazing 1970's era photography book I found. Basically, I've been super lazy.

Adrian, over at All Things Go mentioned Explosions in the Sky today. They are one of my favourite artists who I have discovered this year. It really introduced me to a whole new realm of music. I now play Explosions in the Sky almost every day, as well as The Album Leaf and many other instrumentalist artists. I love this new track.

Explosions in the Sky - Welcome, Ghosts (Highly recommended)
Explosions in the Sky - Six Days
Explosions in the Sky - A Song for our Fathers
Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine
Explosions in the Sky - The Long Spring

I don't know about you all, but I am a huge fan of Darren Aronofsky films. His previous films (Requiem for a Dream and Pi) will always be on my favorites list. His new film, The Fountain, took more than 6 years to get together, had some big names like Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett on board but after a few problems the stars lost confidence in Aronofsky, around the same time his backer Village Roadshow did.

After seeing the sets auctioned off before filming in Australia, Aronofsky remembered that in his heart, he is an indie film maker and indie film makers know how to make a film even when others turn their back on you and take away your money. It may have taken some time to get it together, but I am told it is a masterpiece.

The accompanying soundtrack is composed by Clint Mansell and performed by San Francisco’s Kronos Quartet and Mogwai. The result is a masterpiece in and of itself and I cannot wait to better understand the meaning of the many elements found as a part of this composition. I should get a chance to see it on Sunday when I return from the beach with the family to Greensboro. Ah, how I miss the city.

You can stream the album here. It is quite enjoyable.
These mp3's from The Fountain Original Soundtrack
Stay with Me
Death is the Road to Awe

And just another song I have listen to a few times today.
Sleater-Kinney - All hands on the bad one
Thursday, November 23, 2006
I'm not really in the mood to post anything. I am stuffed from a giant meal at 3pm today. I ate entirely too much. Either way, I felt obligated to post something since I never got a real story written about my trip to Georgia. I don't anticipate getting one together. I just never got inspired to write, which is usual for me. I did a great deal of contemplation though.

I have some random music for you that I am listening to. I have been waiting on a response from Summer Hymns for a week or two now. I suppose I am not important enough. I am sorry on behalf of them.

Sufjan Stevens - Sister Winter
Sufjan Stevens - That was the worst Christmas ever

I am not going shopping tomorrow. Support the movement. Don't shop.
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Click here for more photos.

If you were there, please leave me note. I would love to hear from you.
Sunday, November 19, 2006
Just got back in from Columbus, Georgia about 25 minutes ago. I know I said I was going to post some photos while I was there, but I forgot my laptop, like a complete idiot. So throw rocks at me.

I had an amazing time at the rally. Today's vigil was so emotional, to see people jumping the fence and risking their futures to bring awareness to the cause was outstanding. I know it might seem a little weird, and I will have the complete story by later tomorrow night most likely which will explain everything. I wanted to post and just let you all know I made it back safe and sound.

Its been a long day, so I think a little music is in order; here are a couple songs I am listening to at this very minute. And don't forget to check back tomorrow night or Tuesday for my complete story and photos about the SOA Watch rally and vigil.


The Inner Banks began in 2005 as a home-recording project by Brooklyn composer and multi-instrumentalist David Gould. Gould had since 2000 led and played banjo in The Bootleg Remedy, an acclaimed Americana band inspired by western swing, bluegrass and dixieland.

Caroline Schutz, the singer and songwriter behind Folksongs For The Afterlife, whose full-length, “Put Danger Back In Your Life” (Parasol/Hidden Agenda) and EP (Enraptured UK) had earned the group features in Magnet, Time Out New York and Entertainment Weekly, as well as a song on Arena Rock’s “This is Next Year: A Brooklyn-Based Compilation.” Schutz and Gould knew each from playing together in Folksongs For The Afterlife (and a side ‘60s/surf band called Electrolyte), and the two married in 2004.

From their self titled debut album: (web)
Glittering Sky


The Antiques

Joey Barro, Chris Good and Ben Donaldson have come back together to form The Antiques. These guys, plus a few more, were members of Santa Barbara's Budge. Its pretty good stuff, I will see about getting some more information about them as soon as possible, for now, enjoy a sample of their music:

From Nick Names and Natives, out November 14. (buy)
Friday, November 17, 2006
Hello all,
I will be taking this weekend off, so don't expect to see a new post until maybe Wednesday next week or so. I'm headed to Fort Benning, Georgia to take a visit to the School of Americas where many assassigns are trained and such. If you would like more information, check out the website. I will post photos during the weekend to my flickr, so you might want to check there also.

SOAW on the web

Peace, peace.

[bonus mp3] Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels - I'm In The Mood For A Riot
Os Almirantes - Los Federales
Thursday, November 16, 2006
Self-described as the music for Hometown, Anyplace - Laura Gibson's melodic "country songs" conjured up images of Hometown for me; just before I fell in love with a girl from deep in the forest of Coquille, Oregon.

Shes a kindergarten teacher and daughter of a forest ranger. If those two pieces of this puzzle don't say enough in describing where she comes from, nothing can. Her music is as easy-spoken and comforting as a kindergarten teacher would be with her new class on the first day. Leading us through the emotions of her simple life, Laura Gibson's "If you come to greet me" is a masterpiece.

Recorded at Portland’s Typefoundry Recording Studio this spring, under the direction of Adam Selzer known best from Norfolk and Western. Much of Norfolk and Western stepped up to lend something to the album, and the collaboration's success shines though. Moments of utter simplicity and beauty are well abound.

Much of her first experimentation with music was done at the expense of her kindergarten classes, I feel certain she is ready for a slightly more mature audience. I look forward to hearing much more from Laura Gibson. Take a listen and see if you don't fall in love at first listen.

[mp3] Laura Gibson - Hands in Pockets
[mp3] Laura Gibson - Wintering
Web -
Buy - "If you come to greet me" for only $12

Some Norfolk and Western songs:
[mp3] Norfolk and Western - The Longest Stare
[mp3] Norfolk and Western - Arrangements Made
[bonus mp3] Norfolk and Western - A Gilded Age
[bonus mp3] Norfolk and Western - Minor Daughter
[+bonus mp3] Norfolk and Western - Impossible

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
In late October, Saddle Creek Records launched its Cursive "Bad Sects" remix contest. I saw the notice in my e-mail, read about it, but didn't realize how important it really was. On the surface it seemed pretty bland, but deep down there was something interesting in it all.

In late September Barnaked Ladies launched an album, after releasing much of it online to be remixed in about the same way Saddle Creek is offering up "Bad Sects." Barenaked Ladies' album grossed $978,127.99 in its first week, according to Nettwerk Music Group, parent company for Desperation Records, which is operated by the members of Barenaked Ladies.

This all might sound confusing, but its much less so than it seems. Basically, indiefellows at Saddle Creek took immediate attention to the success of Barenaked Ladies release, and the infectious marketing done by their parent company. In the past, it would have taken a few years for such marketing techniques to trickle down to the indie labels such as Saddle Creek.

"Generating revenue, especially in the artist-run model, is about selling music in various mediums, selling concert tickets, licensing music to TV, ring tones, packed USB drives, etc. That is how success is measured, not by the physical album sales." explains Terry McBride, CEO of Nettwerk Music.

Arguably, Nettwerk and the Barenaked Ladies simply took cue from Beck who similarly released his album for remix and then released the remixed album separately- similar but not the same.

It will be interesting to see how other independent labels follow Nettwerk's progress towards what McBride described to Wired Magazine in August as "collapsed copyright." Nettwerk will work with and help to represent artists like Barenaked Ladies, but the artists will run their own labels, retaining copyrights to all their material - increasing profits for artists by some 300%.

As McBride told Wired, with such changes in the music supply system, "Now we can really start to have fun."

In tribute to Saddle Creek Records, I present every single Saddle Creek track I could find anywhere. Well, almost, I left out a couple that I think suck pretty bad. Many of these songs are available online elsewhere, but here they are together. If you don't already love all of these artists, check them out at Or click the "(web)" link beside their name to go to their website.

(right click & 'Save Link As...' to download mp3's)
Cursive (web)
Dorothy at Forty
Bad Sects
Disruption in the Normal Swing of Things
Sucker and Dry
The Recluse
A Gentleman Caller
The Great Decay
The Rhyme Scheme
The Martyr
The Radiator Hums
Semantics of Sermon

Bright Eyes (web) *favorite*
Amy in the White Coat
I Will be Grateful for this Day
When The President Talks to God (Free iTunes Download)
We Are Nowhere and it is Now
Take it Easy, Love Nothing
Gold Mine Gutted
Lover I Don't Have to Love
From a Balance Beam
Blue Christmas
Going for the Gold
Something Vague
Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh
A Line Allows Progress, a Circle does not
Padriac My Prince

Rilo Kiley (web)
With Arms Outstretched
The Execution of All Things

The Faint (web)
I Disappear
Agenda Suicide
Glass Dance
Call Call
Worked Up So Sexual
Some Incriminating Photographs
Typing: 1974-2048

Son, Ambulance (web) *favorite*
Sex in C-Minor
Paper Snowflakes**
A Book Laid On Its Binding
Maria in Motion
Brown Park

The Good Life (web)
A New Friend
Notes in His Pocket
Always a Bridesmaid
I Am An Island
Early Out The Gate

Azure Ray (web)
If You Fall
Sea of Doubts

Eric Bachmann (web)
Carborro Woman
Lonesome Warrier

Broken Spindles (web)
This is an Introduction
Move Away

Criteria (web) *favorite*
Run Together
Prevent The World
It Happens
Me On Your Front Porch

Ladyfinger (web)
Too Cool for School

Mayday (web)
Pelf Help
Dave D. Blues
Come Home

Now Its Overhead (web)
Let Up
Wait in a Line
The Decision Made Itself
Wonderful Scar
Hold Your Spin

Sorry About Dresden (web) *favorite*
Sick and Sore
The Approaching Dawn
On Contradiction
One Version of Events
One Version of Events - Video

Maria Taylor (web)
Song beneath the Song
Speak Easy
Song beneath the Song - Video

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Monday, November 13, 2006
I apologize for postponing this update for a few days, the last weeks have been hectic. The next two will follow the same pattern, so posts may be a little delayed. I'm sorry. I have a trip planned for this coming weekend to the "School of America" in protest, as well as several tests. As if you care... On to the important stuff!

Doing my usual browsing, I came across Landon Pigg. He has been compared to James Blunt (which isn't good nor bad) and I think he's a little bit like about all the music we have heard in the past few years mixed up in a Music Blender. Like they say, all good artists do a little copycatting (think van Gogh), and Landon Pigg seems to be doing it nicely; not to say his music is unoriginal, but it is just the kind of music that makes you say "Didn't I hear this before?" even on the very first listen. Apparently I am not the only one to think his breakout album entitled EP (released this summer) was quite amazing; he did a live recording with XM Sat. Radio on Nov. 10th and has recently appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly since his signing with RCA. I feel like I am a little late with this one, but I have to admit I had never heard it until today. I have no mp3's for you on this one, but you can stream several songs on his site

Paul Brill is... I was about to write something epic here about Paul Brill like many of the media outlets (i.e Rolling Stone) do, but basically it is beautiful. Paul was one of 'those' acoustic guys who has wagered into the arena of electronica. Purists may not enjoy; much of it is digitally created and pasted together. Summer Cold is interesting, it makes you open your arms and feel free in the beginning but it is really a slightly depressing song as a whole. My description makes it seem like this is the worst shit ever, but it is really a nice song.

Paul Brill - Paris is on.mp3
Paul Brill - Summer Cold.mp3
Paul Brill - Paris is on (remix).mp3
VIDEO: Paul Brill - Don’t Tell Them - video, directed by Caperton Barnes AKA Barney Miller

I have been trying to come up with a super-awesome theme for a good mixtape to make for you all, but I just can't seem to do it. If somebody wants to suggest something, I would maybe even name it after you... or something.

Some mp3's
The Inner Banks - Acoustic.mp3
The Inner Banks - Glittering Sky.mp3
Bright Eyes - Amy in the White Coat.mp3
Bright Eyes - I will be grateful for this day.mp3


Threadless is having a holiday $10 sale, with new shirts every day. So check it out, and see if you cant find something you like! I have promised myself I cannot buy any this time, I bet I have like 20 of these already!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006
I am way too tired to post anything tonight everyone, but I wanted to write just to let you know I hadn't forgot about you. I will have some free time tomorrow I will dedicate to making a great post; maybe the best post ever.

Peace peace.

That double-photo was taken by Swedish photographer Anton Ekdahl. Browse his Flickr or deviantART. This is a kid you need to check out! I claim no ownership of it, and is offered as a means of welcoming new viewers to Anton's work.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006
I promise a huge post on Sunday night. It will be worth the wait.

Thanks for anyone who helped Moka over at Hotel de Moka, they reached their goals and have acquired a server. Also, I added a couple links earlier, one to my (personal) Flickr and two others to harmony in my ears and All Things Go. Harmony in my ears has a beautiful site, I hope to get something similar to that going over here in the coming weeks for you all. And All Things Go have the best playlists ever. They may be experiencing some technical problems in lieu of the recent loss of ezarchive, but should be back up with some explosive playlists.

Until Sunday. We wait.
Thursday, November 09, 2006
I just fixed commenting, which broke in April. Many apologies!

I jumped up, danced a little, sat back down. Thats how Plans & Apologies starts off. Its pop you are allowed to listen to and still be cool. Its so aesthetically pleasing and structured, all while still being just a smidgen of so many genres. Its been compared to Dinosaur Jr. amoungst other similar rarities, but all I knows is its fun, light-hearted music.

Their new album/EP "Wirez, Man" is a beautiful (although short at 23 minutes) collection of music. The first song, "Two Left Feet" is amazing because it catches your attention, it really makes you want to move, but something about the structure of it doesn't allow you to really dance. Amazing huh? Give it a listen and see what you think. Some of the album is streaming on MySpace. But here are about a gazillion tracks I dug up all across the net by Plans & Apologies.

Go to their website to get about 40 free mp3's in a pretty zip folder. Its def. worth it.
Here are a few for you to try out!
Yoki (from Wirez, Man)
Attenzione Caldo
Chandos Pole St.
Tony Blair: Fucknut

Secret By Design
Save, Save, Save
You Fall
Close Your Eyes And Wish You Were…
Self Help
Ocean Schematic
Ginger Jimmy Jackson


Other random MP3's from the world wide web:
Vetiver - On a Nerve
Greenpot Bluepot - ARRAW 2
Sara Culler - Jupiter and I
The Inner Banks - Siberia
Denison Witmer - Northern Sky (Nick Drake)
Son My - By night
Lisa Bastoni - I think of you
Piers Faccini - Picture Of You
Christina Rosenvinge - A Liar To Love
Plajia - The Party
Plajia - Sleeping
31Knots - Sedition's Wish
Plajia - Am I A Magician?
Matt & Kim - No More Long Years
Owen - Bad News
Matt & Kim - Yea Yeah
The Slip - Children of December
Via Audio - We Can Be Good
Via Audio - Modern Day Saint
The Slip - Even Rats
Summer Hymns - Pity and Envy (repost)
Summer Hymns - Start Swimming (repost)
Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Quick post.

Motel de Moka is trying to raise money to host the mp3's (something I am still figuring out how I will tackle). She is only trying to raise 260.00 so go give her your 2 cents. heh.
Motel de Moka
-Donate to Motel de Moka

I'll have a super long post tomorrow with some mp3's and maybe a contest. Whooohoo!

What do you think of the photo I posted at the top of this beautiful page?
Thursday, November 02, 2006
I hate when a publicist sends me something and its actually good, because then you actually have to do something with it. Today, this happened. I also didn't wake up until 3 this afternoon, missing class this morning. Yay for me. Atleast I have Summer Hymns.

Summer Hymns are amazing. Of course, as most amazingness, they are from Athens, Georgia. Formed many moons ago, they have music making perfected. Summer Hymns create warm and cradling music, that holds you lightly; this is perfectly orchestrated and beautiful love in the form of raw, truthful lyrics and light-hearted melody. The oddity of relating such randomness contained in the truthfulness of the lyrics is, in and of itself, amazing. This may be a landmark in my musical journey. I hope it is atleast half as amazing to your ears as it is to mine.

Their upcoming album, Backward Masks consists of "12 sugary sweet lullabies from Athens finest southern songsmiths." This is, according to them, the album their fans should recognize as the one they expected them to make.

Backward Masks
Coming November 22nd
Start Swimming.mp3
Pity and Envy.mp3

And some older tracks:
Fear the Law.mp3 (Fools Gold)
What They Really Do.mp3 (Fools Gold)
Trouble.mp3 (Clemency)
Wet Messs.mp3 (Clemency)
Trolling on the Lake.mp3 (A Celebratory Arm Gesture)
Somethings Going On.mp3 (A Celebratory Arm Gesture)
Half Sick of Shadows.mp3 (Voice Brother and Sister)
Knock Louder.mp3 (Voice Brother and Sister)