Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Click here for more photos.

If you were there, please leave me note. I would love to hear from you.

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Blogger Bre on 11:00 am

Hey, yeah, I was at Fort Benning, too!
Not sure how you found my blog, but I'm glad you left a comment!! That's really cool we were so close! And yes, very cool we survived the ginormous train that nearly crushed us all.
Was this your first year at the Protest??
Great photos, by the way!


Blogger bdegenaro on 11:32 am


I was there too. What a powerful experience. Here's hoping the event won't be necessary next year!



Blogger Matt Blalock on 10:33 pm

It was my first time. And I second that, I hope it isn't needed next year. Glad to see you all made it over to my blog.


Anonymous Sarah on 10:54 pm

I was there too, glad to hear people are talking about this. It needs to be discussed.

Those are some amazing photos, I wish I had that talent


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