Sunday, November 19, 2006
Just got back in from Columbus, Georgia about 25 minutes ago. I know I said I was going to post some photos while I was there, but I forgot my laptop, like a complete idiot. So throw rocks at me.

I had an amazing time at the rally. Today's vigil was so emotional, to see people jumping the fence and risking their futures to bring awareness to the cause was outstanding. I know it might seem a little weird, and I will have the complete story by later tomorrow night most likely which will explain everything. I wanted to post and just let you all know I made it back safe and sound.

Its been a long day, so I think a little music is in order; here are a couple songs I am listening to at this very minute. And don't forget to check back tomorrow night or Tuesday for my complete story and photos about the SOA Watch rally and vigil.


The Inner Banks began in 2005 as a home-recording project by Brooklyn composer and multi-instrumentalist David Gould. Gould had since 2000 led and played banjo in The Bootleg Remedy, an acclaimed Americana band inspired by western swing, bluegrass and dixieland.

Caroline Schutz, the singer and songwriter behind Folksongs For The Afterlife, whose full-length, “Put Danger Back In Your Life” (Parasol/Hidden Agenda) and EP (Enraptured UK) had earned the group features in Magnet, Time Out New York and Entertainment Weekly, as well as a song on Arena Rock’s “This is Next Year: A Brooklyn-Based Compilation.” Schutz and Gould knew each from playing together in Folksongs For The Afterlife (and a side ‘60s/surf band called Electrolyte), and the two married in 2004.

From their self titled debut album: (web)
Glittering Sky


The Antiques

Joey Barro, Chris Good and Ben Donaldson have come back together to form The Antiques. These guys, plus a few more, were members of Santa Barbara's Budge. Its pretty good stuff, I will see about getting some more information about them as soon as possible, for now, enjoy a sample of their music:

From Nick Names and Natives, out November 14. (buy)

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