Monday, November 13, 2006
I apologize for postponing this update for a few days, the last weeks have been hectic. The next two will follow the same pattern, so posts may be a little delayed. I'm sorry. I have a trip planned for this coming weekend to the "School of America" in protest, as well as several tests. As if you care... On to the important stuff!

Doing my usual browsing, I came across Landon Pigg. He has been compared to James Blunt (which isn't good nor bad) and I think he's a little bit like about all the music we have heard in the past few years mixed up in a Music Blender. Like they say, all good artists do a little copycatting (think van Gogh), and Landon Pigg seems to be doing it nicely; not to say his music is unoriginal, but it is just the kind of music that makes you say "Didn't I hear this before?" even on the very first listen. Apparently I am not the only one to think his breakout album entitled EP (released this summer) was quite amazing; he did a live recording with XM Sat. Radio on Nov. 10th and has recently appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly since his signing with RCA. I feel like I am a little late with this one, but I have to admit I had never heard it until today. I have no mp3's for you on this one, but you can stream several songs on his site

Paul Brill is... I was about to write something epic here about Paul Brill like many of the media outlets (i.e Rolling Stone) do, but basically it is beautiful. Paul was one of 'those' acoustic guys who has wagered into the arena of electronica. Purists may not enjoy; much of it is digitally created and pasted together. Summer Cold is interesting, it makes you open your arms and feel free in the beginning but it is really a slightly depressing song as a whole. My description makes it seem like this is the worst shit ever, but it is really a nice song.

Paul Brill - Paris is on.mp3
Paul Brill - Summer Cold.mp3
Paul Brill - Paris is on (remix).mp3
VIDEO: Paul Brill - Don’t Tell Them - video, directed by Caperton Barnes AKA Barney Miller

I have been trying to come up with a super-awesome theme for a good mixtape to make for you all, but I just can't seem to do it. If somebody wants to suggest something, I would maybe even name it after you... or something.

Some mp3's
The Inner Banks - Acoustic.mp3
The Inner Banks - Glittering Sky.mp3
Bright Eyes - Amy in the White Coat.mp3
Bright Eyes - I will be grateful for this day.mp3


Threadless is having a holiday $10 sale, with new shirts every day. So check it out, and see if you cant find something you like! I have promised myself I cannot buy any this time, I bet I have like 20 of these already!

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3 Thoughts:

Blogger Matt Blalock on 11:16 pm

What are some ideas for mixtapes?


Anonymous Anonymous on 9:18 pm

songs w/ out vocals


Blogger Matt Blalock on 10:59 pm

any suggestions for some songs with out vocals?


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