Friday, June 15, 2007
The following track comes from Kansas City band American Catastrophe's upcoming release, Excerpts From the Broken Bone Choir, and it's fairly representative of what the record is all about. Dark, haunting, and sparse, the song rumbles along beneath lyrics concerned with deeds equally shadowy. It's difficult not to make comparisons to other great American gothic artists such as Nick Cave, 16 Horsepower, and Michael Gira when listening to this Kansas City, MO outfit. It's nice to know that there's such cinematic, emotive soundscapes being created out in our heartlands. And while I'm not normally one to go on too long about packaging, this CDs digi-pak fits it like a glove. The cover, all black, with an image of a crow holding an axe in silver is perfect. On the back, the darn thing is sealed in red wax with an AmCat seal (where can I get one of those?). The final touch? A black feather inside the package. Ok, maybe that last bit with the feather is a little muchp, but you have to admit it fits in well with the overall aesthetic.

American Catastrophe - The Well

Here are two exclusive new tracks from the First Blood compilation released by OxBlood Records as well, one from KC masterpieces (haw haw) Ghosty and the other from KC royals (so funny!) The Republic Tigers, who used to be the Golden Republic.

The Republic Tigers - Made Concrete
Ghosty - Make It

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