Thursday, January 18, 2007
Scanning the internet for randomness, I saw a mention of Cat Stevens somewhere. Jarring my memory, I remembered an e-mail from his people telling me about a new album under his new moniker, Yusef. I ran to Gmail to find the press release, and got a video stream for Heaven open. All was well... until the video began to play.

Instantly, I was thrown back to 1982, as the disco ball and dance hall lights began to burn providing a far-from-interesting story as a young middle-eastern boy searched for his mother. Furthermore, the song is about the least romantic 'loveish' song in existance.

"I've seen many souls before/ Ah but Heaven must have programmed you... / Will you... /Will you / Will youuuu... / MmmMhhhmmmm..."

Is this about a robot? He fell in love with a robot, that he swears Heaven programmed to love him? I bet this shit makes it to the Top 40. I imagine seeing this on VH1's Worst Videos of 2007, instead. Cant wait. Don't believe me? Check this shit here: Worst Video Since 1982

A lot has happened since the 60's Yusef Islam, you got some catching up to do. Were not all stoned anymore, we now notice that the lyrics don't mean anything or even make sense.

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Blogger AlaskanKayaker on 4:15 pm

OH, harsh. no need to be that cynical. i really like cat's older stuff and he's a very respectable man- certainly deserves more praise than what you give him, in the tone of detest that i would apply to Paris Hilton's album.

if i ever listened to it.

respect your elders, yeah he may not have the best of winners there, but the video wasn't THAT bad, and yes the lyrics sort of suck, but hey. i'd rather listen to him and his CD than a lot of other things.


Blogger AlaskanKayaker on 11:18 pm

okay okay, you were right.

i listened to the cd again, and it really does suck.

sorry yusef. maybe you're past your prime.


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