Thursday, November 09, 2006
I jumped up, danced a little, sat back down. Thats how Plans & Apologies starts off. Its pop you are allowed to listen to and still be cool. Its so aesthetically pleasing and structured, all while still being just a smidgen of so many genres. Its been compared to Dinosaur Jr. amoungst other similar rarities, but all I knows is its fun, light-hearted music.

Their new album/EP "Wirez, Man" is a beautiful (although short at 23 minutes) collection of music. The first song, "Two Left Feet" is amazing because it catches your attention, it really makes you want to move, but something about the structure of it doesn't allow you to really dance. Amazing huh? Give it a listen and see what you think. Some of the album is streaming on MySpace. But here are about a gazillion tracks I dug up all across the net by Plans & Apologies.

Go to their website to get about 40 free mp3's in a pretty zip folder. Its def. worth it.
Here are a few for you to try out!
Yoki (from Wirez, Man)
Attenzione Caldo
Chandos Pole St.
Tony Blair: Fucknut

Secret By Design
Save, Save, Save
You Fall
Close Your Eyes And Wish You Were…
Self Help
Ocean Schematic
Ginger Jimmy Jackson


Other random MP3's from the world wide web:
Vetiver - On a Nerve
Greenpot Bluepot - ARRAW 2
Sara Culler - Jupiter and I
The Inner Banks - Siberia
Denison Witmer - Northern Sky (Nick Drake)
Son My - By night
Lisa Bastoni - I think of you
Piers Faccini - Picture Of You
Christina Rosenvinge - A Liar To Love
Plajia - The Party
Plajia - Sleeping
31Knots - Sedition's Wish
Plajia - Am I A Magician?
Matt & Kim - No More Long Years
Owen - Bad News
Matt & Kim - Yea Yeah
The Slip - Children of December
Via Audio - We Can Be Good
Via Audio - Modern Day Saint
The Slip - Even Rats
Summer Hymns - Pity and Envy (repost)
Summer Hymns - Start Swimming (repost)

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