Tuesday, November 14, 2006
In late October, Saddle Creek Records launched its Cursive "Bad Sects" remix contest. I saw the notice in my e-mail, read about it, but didn't realize how important it really was. On the surface it seemed pretty bland, but deep down there was something interesting in it all.

In late September Barnaked Ladies launched an album, after releasing much of it online to be remixed in about the same way Saddle Creek is offering up "Bad Sects." Barenaked Ladies' album grossed $978,127.99 in its first week, according to Nettwerk Music Group, parent company for Desperation Records, which is operated by the members of Barenaked Ladies.

This all might sound confusing, but its much less so than it seems. Basically, indiefellows at Saddle Creek took immediate attention to the success of Barenaked Ladies release, and the infectious marketing done by their parent company. In the past, it would have taken a few years for such marketing techniques to trickle down to the indie labels such as Saddle Creek.

"Generating revenue, especially in the artist-run model, is about selling music in various mediums, selling concert tickets, licensing music to TV, ring tones, packed USB drives, etc. That is how success is measured, not by the physical album sales." explains Terry McBride, CEO of Nettwerk Music.

Arguably, Nettwerk and the Barenaked Ladies simply took cue from Beck who similarly released his album for remix and then released the remixed album separately- similar but not the same.

It will be interesting to see how other independent labels follow Nettwerk's progress towards what McBride described to Wired Magazine in August as "collapsed copyright." Nettwerk will work with and help to represent artists like Barenaked Ladies, but the artists will run their own labels, retaining copyrights to all their material - increasing profits for artists by some 300%.

As McBride told Wired, with such changes in the music supply system, "Now we can really start to have fun."

In tribute to Saddle Creek Records, I present every single Saddle Creek track I could find anywhere. Well, almost, I left out a couple that I think suck pretty bad. Many of these songs are available online elsewhere, but here they are together. If you don't already love all of these artists, check them out at www.saddle-creek.com. Or click the "(web)" link beside their name to go to their website.

(right click & 'Save Link As...' to download mp3's)
Cursive (web)
Dorothy at Forty
Bad Sects
Disruption in the Normal Swing of Things
Sucker and Dry
The Recluse
A Gentleman Caller
The Great Decay
The Rhyme Scheme
The Martyr
The Radiator Hums
Semantics of Sermon

Bright Eyes (web) *favorite*
Amy in the White Coat
I Will be Grateful for this Day
When The President Talks to God (Free iTunes Download)
We Are Nowhere and it is Now
Take it Easy, Love Nothing
Gold Mine Gutted
Lover I Don't Have to Love
From a Balance Beam
Blue Christmas
Going for the Gold
Something Vague
Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh
A Line Allows Progress, a Circle does not
Padriac My Prince

Rilo Kiley (web)
With Arms Outstretched
The Execution of All Things

The Faint (web)
I Disappear
Agenda Suicide
Glass Dance
Call Call
Worked Up So Sexual
Some Incriminating Photographs
Typing: 1974-2048

Son, Ambulance (web) *favorite*
Sex in C-Minor
Paper Snowflakes**
A Book Laid On Its Binding
Maria in Motion
Brown Park

The Good Life (web)
A New Friend
Notes in His Pocket
Always a Bridesmaid
I Am An Island
Early Out The Gate

Azure Ray (web)
If You Fall
Sea of Doubts

Eric Bachmann (web)
Carborro Woman
Lonesome Warrier

Broken Spindles (web)
This is an Introduction
Move Away

Criteria (web) *favorite*
Run Together
Prevent The World
It Happens
Me On Your Front Porch

Ladyfinger (web)
Too Cool for School

Mayday (web)
Pelf Help
Dave D. Blues
Come Home

Now Its Overhead (web)
Let Up
Wait in a Line
The Decision Made Itself
Wonderful Scar
Hold Your Spin

Sorry About Dresden (web) *favorite*
Sick and Sore
The Approaching Dawn
On Contradiction
One Version of Events
One Version of Events - Video

Maria Taylor (web)
Song beneath the Song
Speak Easy
Song beneath the Song - Video

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rock and roll you are an asset to your community.


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thank you ever so much!!!

i downloaded every song. im in love


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