Thursday, November 30, 2006
I am sure most of you know all about Shara Worden, also known as My Brightest Diamond. Therefore I will not deluge into a long sermon about how amazing she is. I just thought since I have been listening to her all day, I would share some songs with you so you could listen with me. Of course, you could have listened with me if you were anywhere in Greensboro today, as I was blasting it out of my open windows as I drove to The Fresh Market for some muffins - oh how I enjoy 75 degree weather at the start of December!

My Brightest Diamond
Something of an End
Golden Star
If I Could Say One Thing
The Good & The Bad Guy
Je N’en Connais Pas La Fin L’Hymne A L’Amour
Feeling Good

If you don't know about My Brightest Diamond, I suggest this as further reading. This will be on the final exam.

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Anonymous Eric O'Reilly on 10:51 pm

I think this is pretty good, but I am in love with Joanna Newsom. No comparison.


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