Thursday, November 02, 2006
I hate when a publicist sends me something and its actually good, because then you actually have to do something with it. Today, this happened. I also didn't wake up until 3 this afternoon, missing class this morning. Yay for me. Atleast I have Summer Hymns.

Summer Hymns are amazing. Of course, as most amazingness, they are from Athens, Georgia. Formed many moons ago, they have music making perfected. Summer Hymns create warm and cradling music, that holds you lightly; this is perfectly orchestrated and beautiful love in the form of raw, truthful lyrics and light-hearted melody. The oddity of relating such randomness contained in the truthfulness of the lyrics is, in and of itself, amazing. This may be a landmark in my musical journey. I hope it is atleast half as amazing to your ears as it is to mine.

Their upcoming album, Backward Masks consists of "12 sugary sweet lullabies from Athens finest southern songsmiths." This is, according to them, the album their fans should recognize as the one they expected them to make.

Backward Masks
Coming November 22nd
Start Swimming.mp3
Pity and Envy.mp3

And some older tracks:
Fear the Law.mp3 (Fools Gold)
What They Really Do.mp3 (Fools Gold)
Trouble.mp3 (Clemency)
Wet Messs.mp3 (Clemency)
Trolling on the Lake.mp3 (A Celebratory Arm Gesture)
Somethings Going On.mp3 (A Celebratory Arm Gesture)
Half Sick of Shadows.mp3 (Voice Brother and Sister)
Knock Louder.mp3 (Voice Brother and Sister)

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