Monday, December 04, 2006

Photo: "Cold Mornings" - Nighty

As winter rolls around, it seems to me, love becomes more alive, or the lack thereof becomes ever more apparent with the days. Maybe it is just me, or maybe my senses are sharper in the crisp winter air. Either way, I always find the cold makes me feel like love has been watered down and frozen in the ice. That is a pretty depressing image, but the stark winters can cause quite emotional swings.

In these sort of situations, I have always turned to music as a way of realizing the world is bigger; that I am but a small part of the universe playing a minute role in the scope of a broad existence, no matter how seemingly devastated I am at the time. There is always so much more to life: so much beauty, emotion, and even a little love.
Photo: "Lost" - Raun

This is a complilation of songs I have listened to and realized how they could really help to warm my soul if something were to happen to cause me to feel bitter and cold. I'd slide the song over to a playlist in iTunes, and hope for the better, knowing I had something to fall back on if things didn't go as planned. I hope you will do the same - make a playlist and just hope you don't need it. The songs are individually beautiful themselves, almost so much to realize there is still hope - everyday.

You may no longer download each track individually, please use the link at the bottom, in a cute little folder. I stopped paying the server bill.

1. Pitter Patter Goes My Heart [mp3] - Broken Social Scene
I always like to start a mix off with an instrumental, like a warm up exercise for the ears. This song evokes great emotion, to help you realize where you are and what is going on, which is really the first step in moving on.

2. My oh My [mp4] - David Gray
A song about being "cold as stone" and not feeling pain unless it is very deeply driven might suffice. Its about not understanding, about being confused, but gradually realizing the world will warm up again. The voice of David Gray is chilly but the words he speaks are somewhat inspiring. He is like a close friend, there to help you through.

3. Breathe Me [mp3] - Sia
I really included this one because when I am in a relationship, I feel this way the entire time. I want to be absorbed by the person I am with, to become one. Even if I am going through a cold, deep valley knowing at the top of the next peak there is someone waiting for me to wrap them up, to keep them warm, to need me, to want me; I have the drive to continue climbing.

4. I'll Do Whatever You Want [mp3] - Memphis
This was the latest track I added to the list and part of me wanted to take it off. The song is a little too upbeat, but I thought that while the last tracks had been slow, I thought the content would drive home. Love sicken, we all would likely be willing to do anything someone asked us to just make things okay and make the skies blue again. Now, I am glad I didn't take it out. "Tell me something true..."

5. Paper Sailboats [mp3] - Dana Falconberry
Likely the "sappiest" song on the mix, Dana Falconberry's voice could almost bring a tear to my eye on the warmest day; her voice captures my heart.

6. Am I Not Yours? [mp3] - Cursive
Jealousy takes us over. No matter our strength, it does.

7. Life is all about taking things in and putting things out [mp4] - Telefon Tel Aviv
I take a little break here, letting your mind relax. Letting your eyes close and your heart open for the world is really expressing nothing but compassion for you. Okay, so really they might not be, but lets assume here, work with me.

8. Karma Police [mp3] - Radiohead
One of my all time favorite Radiohead tracks. This song has been important at so many different points of my life. There is nothing I can say about it that hasn't already been said.

9. Delicate [mp3] - Damien Rice
Damien Rice is a master of emotion. He leads the heart through a roller coaster of emotion with the support of beautiful strings. "We might live like never before/theres nothing to give/so how can we ask for more?"

10. When I sleep [mp3] - The Changes
Another pretty upbeat song, but this one has a much different message. This is the song you listen to when she/he's done you wrong, and it doesn't even matter any more.

11. Samson [mp3] - Regina Spektor
A beautiful song about reflection which I believe is based on the heroic Samson of the Hebrew Tanach, who had Herculean strength. (read more about Samson)

12. Lonesome Tears [mp4] - Beck
I had originally ended the mixtape with this song, but I felt Imogen Heap's song made for a much better ending. This epic Beck classic demonstrates his amazing ability to use music to complement verse, where many fail to do so.
Both tracks are intended to be #12.
12. Let Go [mp3] - Imogen Heap
I felt like this beautiful song made for a beautiful ending. We sometimes do have to let go. It is really the last step. Imogen Heap's emotive voice delivers her message well.

I hope these songs help you all as much as they have helped me. Do any of you have songs you would like to add? If you do, I will be more than happy to add as many as you suggest. We are welcoming around here.

CollectiveMusic Watered Down Love (60mb)



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Blogger Code Name: Ryan on 12:02 am

Excellent. Well done!


Anonymous Anonymous on 1:04 pm

i really like the ending...



Anonymous Anonymous on 11:00 am

Great work. I'm currently compiling a similar playlist of my own and this has been a great help. Thanks!



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