Friday, December 01, 2006
I plan to post a play list sometime soon, likely over this weekend. I only have about 7 tracks together so far, but it is really a compilation of what I have recently posted about. Artists who I am sure to include are Memphis, My Brightest Diamond, Architecture in Helsinki, Explosions in the Sky, Sufjan Stevens, Bishop Allen.

I'm open to any suggestions, who else should be on the December play list?

I am sitting in the Guilford College library listening to this album:
The Rescue - Explosions in the Sky
[mp3] Day 1
[mp3] Day 2
[mp3] Day 3
[mp3] Day 4
[mp3] Day 5
[mp3] Day 6
[mp3] Day 7
[mp3] Day 8

Why am I listening to this?

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Anonymous Anonymous on 2:44 pm

Imogen Heap


Anonymous Anonymous on 2:46 pm

Just for Now by Imogen Heap- if you look at the lyrics its talking about a holiday gathering with extended family members and some mayhem that insues. beautiful song from a beautiful singer, amazing in general.
It should definitely be part.


Blogger Matt Blalock on 5:37 pm

I can't find that track. If anyone wants to inform me of its location, (i.e. your computer, my e-mail box, etc.) my email is

I would love to include it on the mix.

Or post a link to it here.


Anonymous Anonymous on 7:57 pm

i thought you could do anything.


Blogger Matt Blalock on 11:19 pm

haha. thanks.

Anybody have an mp3?


Blogger AlaskanKayaker on 3:57 pm

you're welcome


Blogger Matt Blalock on 7:58 pm

I guess you had to show me twice. Sometimes, it takes two tries I suppose.



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