Friday, March 24, 2006
I ran across this band with a terribly interesting name called Angel Deradoorian. I have no idea if Deradoorian is her last name, it might be, but I would humor in hearing the tele-marketers try to pronounce it.

Besides the interesting name, the music is terribly interesting as well. The songs are very intimate, and its truly like she is sharing all of her soul with you when she sings. She makes the comment on her MySpace that she doesn't like the songs she writes but will perform them anyway - how noble of her. I really enjoy her music - I can't wait to get a CD. For now these 4 mp3's will have to do.

[update: links removed]

[mp3] The Wait
[mp3] Bad Hand
[mp3] Shallow Water
[mp3] Song for Robby
[myspace] Angel Deradoorian

4 Thoughts:

Anonymous Evan Degrass on 1:07 am

The Wait is great!!!




Anonymous Sarah Rogenberger on 1:08 am

Thanks for the bueatuful songss.
she is an angel!


Anonymous Matt Blalock on 1:17 am

You are welcome! Thanks for reading!

Don't forget to enter the contest on down the page for some free stuff.


Anonymous joey on 5:14 pm

mature women was better


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