Friday, March 10, 2006
Big City Bright Lights comes at you with a country twang straight from New York City. Lead vocalist and architect of BCBL - Lindsay Sullivan’s voice is reminiscent of classic Americana, but specifically Loretta Lynn. Nothing I'd expect out of Brooklyn.

Lindsay Sullivan was running it with Mason Dixon back a few years back but left to construct this wholesome beautifulness. She sent me a lovely little homemade demo and even apologized for it not being professional enough (how sweet!!) but I was quick to remind her I wouldn’t be looking at it, it was the MUSIC I was interested in. I cant see the hand written note with my ears, but I must say that such friendliness certainly helped me to like them.

The demo I received began with “Close to Home” that got me all riled up and excited. I had listend to BCBL on MySpace and contacted them about a review because everyone need a little of this sassy music in their lives. This is the kind of music I don’t mind buying for 15 bucks a disk. After “Close to Home” I was lead on a short little vacation in vocal paradise. Despite their songs (I assume) to have been recorded live somewhere, the quality is astounding. I cannot begin to guess what this purity would be like in person, or even in a high definition studio recording.

Her voice is so beautiful.

Several song parts have great piano parts (Lindsay also plays keys) and some others have nice guitar riffs that somehow blend together nicely. This is the best music I have discovered in a while, maybe since Bishop Allen and Hoax Funeral. They are certainly all my top favorites of the year.

Go check out Big City Bright Lights on MySpace. Download these mp3’s and give them a listen. It’ll make you want a cup of nice hot tea and maybe to relax and really absorb the purity of life. Well… maybe not all that but it is damn good.

[mp3] Close to Home
[mp3] Heartthrob
[mp3] Oh Somethin'
[mp3] Wish You Everything
[mpspace] Big City Bright Lights

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