Friday, March 24, 2006
Like a 1920’s era butterfly reincarnated into today, Casey Dienel’s newly released album instills a solid emotional tie from the past to the future. This New England Conservatory student’s album could be called anything – pop, jazz, new age, indie even – but I wouldn’t want to call it anything but playful.

It took many listening sessions of this album to really decide if I liked it , and to what degree. I am not sure of the Surgeon General’s warning for this album, but something tells me Casey Dienel contains nicotine because I am addicted to this girl. Her earthly voice resonates with a classical flair, making the me fall in love with her. Yes, I know. Love? The worst 4 letter word ever; yes, love. I love this album.

Dienel’s voice stands true and strong… sometimes - when not hidden beneath the weighty and demanding background music. There is an uneasy balance between vocal volumes and instrumentation – almost as if the vocals are supporting the music, rather than the normal organization. Intentional, maybe.

If the album has a signature track, or single, it would most certainly be Doctor Monroe. I can see him now, “drinking Scotch on the rocks, and flipping though Playboy magazine.” The visualization of this character combined with the melodic tune makes me press Repeat every time I search ‘Casey’ (which is quite often).

When Feist released her album last year, people went crazy. Her voice drove men wild, and women daydreamed for hours on end to the tranquil voice of what is Feist – if this album doesn’t create such emotions in everyone else, my faith in people’s judgment of amazing music will be lost. She certainly drives me wild.

[mp3] Doctor Monroe
[mp3] Everything
[mp3] Baby James
[mp3] Tundra
[myspace] Casey Dienel
[web] HUSH Records
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