Sunday, March 05, 2006

Last night I was invited to Lube.'s CD release party at The Blind Tiger in Greensboro. I got there around 10:30 only to discover I was not added to the list. What that means is, I needed the 6 bucks to get in, and well... I just didnt have it. I had to hang out in the cold waiting for the doorman to decide if the band was there, and then for Lube. to decide if they remembered who I was, and what a Collective Music was.

After everything was cleared for me to enter, with huge permenant X's on my hands, I was in. I was "in" by definition that I was allowed to go "in", because the crowd really wasnt interested in my entering, but of course it could also be blamed on the walls, which werent expanding for this huge crowd. Once I was really in, I was enveloped in the sounds of a Greensboro college band, who's name has escaped me. They are on myspace, and if anyone reading this remembers their name, PLEASE tell me so I can look less stupid.

After many songs by this mystery band, the crowd and my camera were really getting ready for Lube. At some point during the mystery band's performance the UNC vs. Duke game ended. With UNC on top, the entire mass, which only slightly resembled a crowd, all at once, leaped into the air. It was a sight to see, and taking notice of this, the sly band members stopped playing for "this needs to settle in" according to the lead singer. At no point was anyone paying attention to them until the game ended, and which point they left the stage to allow Lube.'s entrance.

A nice mix of original songs, combined with a perfect selection of covers. Not usually something that can be pulled off, without being thought of as less than a "real" band; Lube. did it well. I wasn't expecting them to play cover songs, but what do I know about CD release parties?
The audience was a very heterogeneous group, ranging in age from 18 to what appeared to be ancient. Maybe it was the game that brought grandpa out, or maybe just a Blind Tiger regular, I don't know.

The new music seemed nice, but since I didn't get a copy of the CD I cannot speak for it's quality. Should one arrive at my door, I will be sure to tell you all about it, but for now all I have is the distorted idea of thier live performance. They perform well, and Evan's combination of quirky bar references, and announcerlike language works well to relax everyone a bit. Overall, it was a great show. The music was descent, but the sound system was turned much too high, and it got steamy quick. I would go to another, and certainly suggest my friends to tag along; theres nothing better than listening to your 80's favorites with Grandpa.


Matt Blalock

[Note: I have full size, professional quality copies of thise photos if anyone would like them just e-mail me. (]

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Anonymous Jack Jonier on 1:12 am

i love the photos. those guys rock. did you know the lead singer was friends with ben fold back in the day? he was. he played with ben folds but it was called something else.


Anonymous Sarah on 1:19 pm

Yeh, they were together in some band.


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