Friday, March 03, 2006
Leave Your Belts at the door 'Cause pants are gonna’ drop

Scrunched in a tiny bedroom, at three am listening to pure music. Not just music that is put out there and played in order to be a part of a scene or to be played for an audience but the kind of music that makes you feel good on the inside because it feels like its being played for you and for you alone. Music put out in its most pure essence by Sounds Good Station.

Thanks to the Greensboro Police Department a night of music, fun and friends was abruptly ended due to a minor violation of the noise ordinance (and a few REALLY crappy parking jobs.) Get this, they shut it down before I get to hear the band that I came to to hear, played.

Just before the disappointment of a wasted night sets in, I hear Martin and Jeff, both members of Sounds Good Station, start talking about playing in Jeff's bedroom. A few beers later and after a little bit of deliberation, the entire band decides "Hey why not? We wanted to play anyway. Lets go to Martins and play in Jeff's room." Five minutes later there I sat hunched in the corner of the room, looking at the multiple Stanley Kubrick posters and various smoking devices, as acoustic guitars and a VERY undersized drum set are readied for a small private show. The next three and a half hours were heaven on earth.

To hear music in its most PURE form is a beauty not often experienced, but that night I felt the music flow through my veins like life blood, as each and every member of SGS poured their heart into their music and their lyrics. It was awe inspiring, the incredible urge to throw all of my inhibitions away and live through the music, to live with the music, to live as the music. Ignoring all that was around me I sat in awe and felt lifted.

I wanted, I NEEDED to hear more. It just so happens that the next day I got JUST what I wanted. Excited all day not only because it's a show but also because I still felt the presence of majesty inside of my heart.

Finally show time runs around and I make my way to club Blur, to see not only one of my favs, Schroder, but to see my new musical temptation, Sounds Good Station. After a few enlightening words with Jon from Schroder, I huddle up next to the stage and await patiently as SGS begins their set.

Once again that feeling of freedom and lack of restriction swept over me. One of the most interesting things I noticed about SGS is that it wasn't just me that surrenderd myself to the music each of the members seemed to be completely enveloped in their own little world. They moved differently, they seemed to flow in and out of time as they all poured their souls over the smoke filled club. It was like SGS was the pied piper leading us rats not to our dooms but to a heaven on earth, a place filled with beauty and majesty. I felt every bit as enlightened as I did the night before.

I urge everyone who reads this to give SGS a listen and support them in their endeavors and their journey as they continue to rock your pants off one leg at a time. You can sample a few of their songs here on Collective Music or you can go to
(just so you know it is SOUDS not SOUNDS for the MySpace, props to Jeff for that one). Show dates and times are listed. If you do anything that involves a local band from Greensboro, GO FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY AND SEE SOUNDS GOOD STATION.

Throw your inhibitions in the can and let their beauty flow through you.

[mp3] funeral
[mp3] why so cruel?
[mp3] tall tall tall
[mp3] bullets and bees

Chris Babcock
Contributing Writer

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Anonymous Anonymous on 1:28 pm

sounds good station is beauty made audible. these are by far the first words i have ever heard that truley describe what each and every person that has ever interacted with sgs have experienced. station rocks the wallpaper off.


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