Monday, March 06, 2006
William Parker – Long Hidden: The Olmec Series
AUM Fidelity Records
*** of *****

This well-balanced album, beginning slowly, might quickly lose a listener. For those persistent enough, a great exhilarating ride awaits. At times, my body moved uncontrollably; taken over by the melodic randomness that I normally associate with a mariachi band.

Despite the slow beginning, the album is finished before I get a chance to really enjoy it. I have yet to listen to it only once in a sitting. There are moments when I am urged to change the track, but if I can endure a note, or a riff, I know there is peace waiting.

This lovely album is set to release March 14, and at last check it was selling well on Amazon as a pre-order. I would only suggest William Parker to the open-minded music listener or someone with a solid interest in Jazz; otherwise the music may be interpreted as pure random musing. It is much more. Oh, is it much more.

Matthew Blalock


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