Friday, March 24, 2006
I’ve always been fond of going to shows at the Cats Cradle in Carrboro. This was the second time I’ve seen Metric play there. With opening bands Men, Women, and Children and Islands, the energy of the crowd was already exploding when it was time for Metric to perform.

Men, Women, and Children were the only band on this tour from the U.S. These New Yorkers were filled with vivacity and their performance was great. If you enjoy 80’s style music from the 21st century, then you’d most likely enjoy Men, Women, and Children. With feel-good lyrics and shredding guitar leads, this opening act definitely got the crowd’s feet moving. Front man TJ Penzone used the entire stage during his performance. With choreographed dances performed with his fellow band mates (excluding the drummer, of course), the show was a rip-roaring show. “You don’t need a reason to get out on the dance floor.”

Eclectic. I think if you looked up the word eclectic in the dictionary, you’d find Island in the definition. With violins, cellos, guitars, keyboards and various clarinets throughout their performance, Islands is a strong indie rock band who’s just starting off. Hailing from Montreal, this band is definitely going places. Starting off by storming onto the stage and telling everyone to shut up, the lead singer had the audience pretty pissed off before the set list even began. He later stated that he was just joking and that “[we] North Carolinians need to lighten up.” Ha! If you’re looking for a new Indie band that has potential, purchase the Islands’ new CD.

After the two opening acts, it was finally time for Metric. The suspense of the crowd was building as we watched the roadies set up all the equipment. When the lights dimmed, everyone stood silent, looking up to the entrance to the stage. Then they emerged. The crowd went crazy. They each took their places and immediately went into their first song which was “Live It Out.” Playing songs from their older album, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?, and their newest, Live It Out, Metric’s stage presence was phenomenal. Headed by lead singer Emily Hanes, I could tell this band was really into what they were doing. I normally cant stand female vocalist because I think they have annoying voices, but Emily Hanes is one of my heroes so that must be saying something for her. Keeping the audience entertained with her famous, indescribable method of dancing, Emily rocked out on the mic as well as the keyboard. Playing 13 songs, Metric exited the stage, but was then called back for an encore. They came back out and broke into the longest version I’ve ever heard (about ten minutes) of “Dead Disco.” Directly following this, the lights were dimmed and the audience was silent and the show was finished with “Love Is A Place.”

If you’re sorry you missed this show, fear not because Hanes said that she loves North Carolina and performing at the Cat’s Cradle. I’m sure you can catch this hard rocking Indie band next time around.

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Kelley Bennett
Contributing Writer

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Anonymous Matt Blalock on 12:58 pm

Hmmmmm... Maybe I could give the package to myself? Since nobody wants it.


Anonymous Arya on 4:28 pm

Hey, didn't Islands form out of the ashes of The Unicorns?


Anonymous clare on 8:09 pm

metric is amazing


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