Friday, March 10, 2006
Maybe, But Probably Not is a record conceived in reverse: Rather than attempting to recreate the energy of the single take recordings in a traditional studio environment Ward White chose to follow their lead, eventually layering drums, bass, and string quartet to achieve a sonority he describes as "pleasantly disjointed".” Yada, Yada, Yada. So it’s a solid sounding record made like most others. OK. That was a quote take from Ward’s MySpace page that describes him.

This is a very professionally produced album but with a somewhat cliché sound. The album starts out sounding like Deathcab for Cutie, or was it Dashboard Confessional? Either way, it is a little typical for singer/songwriter types. Every so often as the album plays, I get the feeling of déjà vu of an episode of the OC where… nevermind.

Theres some guitar playin’, some bitchin’ about lost love, and some talk about NYC. Pretty much sums this one up.

This album is something I would normally really enjoy hearing but the combination of cockiness conveyed in this guy’s MySpace and on his website with the atypical sound really turns me off. If anyone wants my copy for themselves, because apparently he is too good to offer any free downloads for you to sample (Like buying a pig in a poke as they used to say in the south, isn’t it?), just say so and I will be happy to send it out, otherwise I’ll just let it collect dust on my bookshelf.

[mp3] “too good to offer any”
[cd] Free to a home
[myspace] ward white
[buy album?] Maybe, But Probably Not

Matt Blalock

2 Thoughts:

Anonymous Jan Roberts on 1:09 am

Come on!! It isn't that bad! Its pretty goowd. meanie!


Anonymous Yalu on 1:10 am

It was terrible. rock on!


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