Tuesday, March 28, 2006

TENKI, a pop like indie band nearing its six-year existence, is about to release two EP's. Yes, you read right, two (2) EP's. TENKI, the little band that could, is still evolving today. Their upcoming EP's are only a sizzling appetizer for their album scheduled for later this year, We’re Not Talking About the Universe Are We.

Past TENKI albums have been described as having a "Beatles-esque bass line, a Clash-like swagger, a Built to Spill-ish vocal riff." and as being "new and sharp". TENKI has experienced several member changes, and many say for the better. You get no comment from me on that matter.

Lead singer Jamie Toal has lost his formula of direct lyrical narrative, exchanging it for evocative visualizationss, leaving the lyrical meaning of the song to be determined by whom, when and where the song is listened. Certainly a drastic change for this band.

What do these EP's have to offer? What are they? "New and sharp" or "Old and dull"? You tell me. Here are a few mp3's to serve as an appetizer to the appetizer... erm, so I guess that makes this a snack. Enjoy!

[mp3] Etaples
[mp3] Big Bang
[mp3] Test
[mp3] Do you think?

In case you have never heard of TENKI (shame on you!) here are a few older mp3's to compare to. Since you didn't know, you need to head over to their site to read their amazing bio.

[old mp3] Open
[old mp3] Molotov
[old mp3] All the gravity, none of the weight
[old mp3] Outside

Matt Blalock

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Blogger Roland on 9:34 pm

I just saw these guys last Friday, and they were quite good. Thanks for the songs; keep up the good work!


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