Thursday, October 26, 2006
So I'm rushing this one out to go see Alice in Wonderless Land in a few minutes, but not to worry, plenty of wholesome goodness here.

I keep hearing about some "Asian shit" from my musically inclined friends. Lullatone, a Japansese duo who play with toys. Yeah, sounds good huh? Same thing I though. See, the music is comprised mostly of those little Playskool keyboards and xylophones - which sounds corny, but I find it to be very soothing, in a kids running around your room kind of way. The music is surprisingly structured, and actually very, very, very enjoyable. Check them out.


Lullatone Untitled
Lullatone Wake Up Wake Up
Lullatone Bushman's Samba
Lullatone Music For Apartments

Check out their website here.

San Francisco band Scissors For Lefty have been actively touring the US with bands like The Arctic Monkeys and Panic! At The Disco. No plans for a US release of their new album Bruno yet, but here is what we got for now. I'm really liking them, and I really hope you already know about them, but I found not too many people do. They deserve better! Check 'em out on MySpace.


Ghetto Ways
Save It Cory
Next To Argyle

Here are some other [mp3's] I have been listening to lately! Enjoy them all!

Ben Gibbard Complicated (Avril Cover)
TV On The Radio Playhouses
Wolf Eyes The Driller
Guillemots Trains To Brazil
Apparat Montreal
Klaxons Horsemen of 2012
Maria Taylor Song Beneath The Song
Menomena E Is Stable
Cansei De Ser Sexy Alala
Kinski Semaphore
The Mission District All I Ever Wanted
Evangelicals The Halloween Song
Asobi Seksu Strawberries
Asobi Seksu Thursday


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Anonymous Oliver on 2:30 am

I am glad you like Lullatone. Check out the forthcoming album which will be out on December 6th.


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