Monday, March 27, 2006

In case you have been hidden under a rock for the past two months or so, you wouldn't know about Death Cab For Cutie's Plans video project. The project features a short film inspired by each song on the band’s album Plans. The series isnt over yet. This week features a video by Josh Victor Rothstein for the song "Brothers on a Hotel Bed". The final video will for "Stable Song" by Aaron Stewart-Ahn will be up next week.

Just as many of us predicted, the series is available on DVD soon and on iTunes beginning tomorrow, March 28th. Check out for details. The DVD will be available on April 11th and will feature exclusive content, as well as two other videos that were not shown on the website.

[web] (to see this week's video)

Matt Blalock

2 Thoughts:

Anonymous Jonny on 1:06 am

I think this one is the best!!!!


Blogger Matt Blalock on 6:58 pm

Thanks Jonny I totally agree. I hope you still read...



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