Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm sitting here watching the Screech sex tape. I have no idea why, but it just seemed like a good idea, until about 3 minutes ago. One of my flatmates knocked on my door wanting to know why I'm watching Saved by the Bell and porn simultaneously. I guess Screech's voice never changed... too bad. That was a tough one to explain which didn't get any better by explaining that it is really a porn featuring the lovable guy, all while Screech accepts the two girls' offer to place a candy cock ring around.... anyway, it wasn't easy to explain even to this macho-porn-loving fellow.

Word on the street has it that you might be able to download it here and here. That is, if you want to see such things. (beware)

Anyway, so Screech keeps talking about "the Beast" (his wittle bittie penis) and making corny jokes about vaginas, etc. The jokes are so bad I can't believe the hos haven't left yet, even though I am sure they were well paid. Even hos can respect a sense of humor. I don't mean to spoil the ending, but I will say this... one ho leaves after Screech gives a dirty sanchez to Nasty ho #1 following an intensive inspection of her nasty ho ass. Yeah. So, enough about Screech and his nasty hos.

In other news, I laughed hysterically for about 7 minutes after reading that in West Point, Mississippi (or Missouri, I never figured out which state Miss. is) there exists a trend to throw large animals at people. Several animals, including a 60 pound pig, have been tossed around the West Point area. (Read more here.) It is completely ridiculous, ignorant and well... funny. I looked for a good flying pig photo to add here, but just couldn't find one to convey what the hell I'm talking about.

Now up until now, this post has been entirely unproductive in music relativity. You see, there is something else here, something more important. I mentioned the other day that I have been working pretty hard on something, but what? Well, I have some vague news on this subject. No details, but many bloggers have been discussing a little contest going on with Asthmatic Kitty Records. Something about camcorders, chickens and a Rafter. Sorry I don't have details, but um, they are a little on the confidential side.

Okay, enough bullshit - I have fallen prey to Asthmatic Kitty's uber-capitalist plot to market astoundingly interesting music to the masses. Some enjoy Rafter; others don't understand. A friend asked me what was the inspiration for the music was and then answered himself by saying he thought it likely involved acid, a la c.1960's America. Its hard music to get, but if you do get it, the stuff is amazing. I find myself wanting something as each song goes along. I have the same sensation as my salivating tongue over a tasty treat, but Rafter always gives my ears what they want right as I realize its what they desire. Its like Rafter is a beautiful Reece's Cup, or well, whatever your Reece's Cup might be.

So I guess your wondering, "What song didja pick Jim Bob?"

This one: Hope.mp3

And the video is going to basically rock the wax out your ears foo'... if I can just get my thoughts out and into the film. I will keep you all updated, with photos from the set, etc. etc. and as soon as the video is ready, or even close, I will post it here first. As soon as I get some of this into the computer, edited a little, I will go through the basics of the film, and it will be a film. We don't play no games, bish.

I will post my Winter Mix 2006 before Sunday. I have already worked on it! Just to tease you, it has 23 songs and features Owen, Memphis, Feist, Dana Falconberry... and some others you can't handle just yet. So get your ass ready.

Rafter - Hope
Rafter - Monsters
Rafter - Encouragement
Rafter - Gentle Men

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Pretty sure its spelled Reese's.



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