Sunday, December 10, 2006

written c. December 10, 2006

So, I had someone comment me asking where my "well thought out post" was, and well, I am not sure. I wrote an 8 page paper, studied 11 chapters of statistics, and drew up a few things for my secret, which were all time consuming... last night. With my sudden burst of productivity, comes another lame rendition of me rambling. Okay, I don't know if you know this, but I completely love The OC.

I missed an episode earlier in the season, somehow Summer has been suspended from Brown, (which was the school I wanted to go to). I'm not entirely sure what is going on. Apparently she freed some bunnies from a medical testing lab and, like most episodes of the OC, ended up working it all out in time following an interesting house party consisting of mostly too old high school students. I actually saw an extra who was far beyond 30 years old.

Beyond a little casting foul, this episode had the best cinematography of any episode I can remember in recent times. I saw a great deal of experimentation, the scenes were clear, and it brought me back to some of the early episodes; I felt warm inside watching it. I am so glad Josh Schwartz has taken a stronger interest in the show this season, his efforts are shining.

The music wasn't some of the best in history, but I would say they made some nice choices. A track by Zero 7, Goldspot, Brothers and Sisters, Elvis Perkins and a few others I didn't take as much notice to. I have been waiting for some time now for the arrival of my copy of the OC Mix 6, which I have been really excited about. I have been holding off on writing about it, but tonight it had to escape me.

Here are a couple tracks from The OC:

[mp3] Float on - Goldspot
[mp3] Without You - Brothers and Sisters
[mp3] Gubbish - Chad VanGaalen
[mp3] While You Were Sleeping - Elvis Perkins

Without Love - Elvis Perkins
Ash Wednesday - Elvis Perkins

Also, check out this music director, Tom Quick, he makes some hot shit. No mp3s though.

Since writing this several weeks ago, and forgetting to post it, The OC was canceled by its producers. I don't know of many other TV shows in recent history (c. 1987-present) that played such an important role in the independent music scene. It will be very interesting to see if another show of equal importance will arise.

I hear Josh Schwartz has several shows in the works and in due part to his passion for music they will likely be steeped in the independent variety, much like The OC was throughout its life. I imagine he will not be the only mind peculating the incorporation of independent music in television, however. I argue, the music as a part of The OC allowed it to last as long as it did. It is great to see musicians playing a major role for once, without having to sell their souls.

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