Wednesday, December 06, 2006
This Friday night Guilford College will be putting on a holiday benefit concert for local children featuring a couple pretty outstanding Americana get-ups. I was raised in a family who thought "country music" was the only kinda music you ought listen to. I guess somewhere deep inside of me, I still know country isn't half bad. I plan to attend, get some photos maybe, and certainly enjoy a couple of my favorite instruments, the mandolin and the steel lap guitar, with Little Country Giants and The Everybodyfields.

(UPDATE: I didn't make it, I decided to study for exams instead! Are you proud? Hmm. Well, you should be...)

Little Country Giants hail from my favorite city, Athens, and include an upright bass, mandolin, guitar, a couple guys and a couple girls, making down home music. Now on their third album titled Sing Pretty for the People, Little Country Giants have their set perfected and I can't wait to see them as they play alongside The Everybodyfields. It sounds like folk music of the 70's played a pretty big role at some point in these musicians lives and the folkieness of that time comes through at unexpected moments.

The Everybodyfields seem to have a more classic country sound about them; Sam Quinn's voice distinctly reminds me of some country artist I listened to with my family years ago, but I just cannot place it. Quinn, however, is not the only voice popping up here, much of their sound is created by a harmonizing threesome, in the styling of traditional Appalachian music makers. The steel guitar in the tracks I've heard provides a backbone from which the voices are supported, standing strong and proud, like any Americana artist should.

Both artists are on tour as of recent weeks. Little Country Giants only have a few more stops, 3 more in North Carolina. The Everybodyfields still have quite a few events on their calender, however they stretch far into 2007, with weeks without a show. Keep an eye on these artists, you can expect to hear much more from them.

Little Country Giants
[mp3] Gone for Awhile
[mp3] Something to be Proud Of
[mp3] Breaking Hearts and Living Free

The Everybodyfields
[mp3] T.V.A.
[mp3] His Pontiac

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