Sunday, February 19, 2006
As I write this, I'm coming down from the thrill of experiencing one of the best shows I've seen in quite a while. Featuring The Explorers Club, Stephanies Id, and A Fir Ju Well, The Garage became the focal point of musical bliss for over three joyful hours. The popcorn munching music junkies at The Garage were treated to a barrage of sound; first the retro guitar attack of The Explorers Club, then the keyboards and amazing vocals of Stephanies Id, and finally the Flaming Lips-esque climax of A Fir Ju Well.

The Explorers Club brought the stage alive with their vintage personality, evoking the spirit of the Beatles and the Beach Boys. As I watched them perform, I felt like I'd gone back in time, and I was at a Beatles era show. The group was incredible to watch, the fun they seemed to have on stage overwhelmingly infectious.

[web] The Explorer's Club

The moment I saw the xylaphone and vibraphone brought on stage, I knew Stephanies Id was going
to be unique - if nothing else. I was not disappointed; Stephanie Morgan's voice was exhilirating as she displayed her incredible vocal range, soaring over a background of darkly jazzy keys and drums. The group reminded me of a poppier Portishead, and indeed, they played a cover of the Portishead song Glory Box. The sultry jazziness of songs like Lusciously were enough to make me melt.

[web] Stephanie Id

The psychedelic rock of A Fir Ju Well was simply mesmerizing. At this point, I was suffering from extreme lack of sleep, but nothing could take my attention off this group. I found myself gently floating away on A Fir Ju Well's assault of jangly guitars. The breadth of musical talent in the group was unbelievable; the group repeatedly switched instruments, each competent at everything.

[web] A Fir Ju Well

All in all, a night bursting with musical goodness. I'll sleep sonically satisfied tonight.

Zachary Todd
Contributing Writer


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Blogger MyExBestFriend on 10:43 am

Great review. Would love to see some of these guys.


Blogger Matt Blalock on 7:28 pm

Thanks. I would too, unfortunately I couldn't make it to that show. Hopefully next time...


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