Thursday, February 09, 2006
A new contributor for Collective Music, Paul Seiler. Paul is from Rowlett, and is studying broadcasting at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is a freshman.
Welcome Paul!

We Are The Fury
Many of you reading this may already know about this band but in case you haven't I introduce to you, We Are The Fury.

A mix between Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance ... could there be a more fun mixture of musical outbursting sounds? I don't think so. With super infusing, dance-like, Jazzy up-beat verses and fun sing-s-long choruses like in 'Nation, Forgive Us' it's no wonder We Are The Fury is currently touring with already known Head Automatica and about to start touring with (a should be, household name) Matchbook Romance. With a powerpop, dancey, and all around fun feeling about them, We Are The Furyis what's up and you should DEFINITELY make it out to a show since. After all, they're on their way to your neighborhood with a band who's already got your ears begging for more.

[purevolume] We Are The Fury
[myspace] We Are The Fury

Unfortunately by the time the larger population started to find out about this diamond in the rough, they had already split up and started going their seperate ways. With a record JUST released on Tooth And Nail Records in Late June of 2005, this band brings together a terrific mixture of a very mature vocal presence and in your face, near orchestrated choruses, break downs, and build ups. Yet, they are able to keep up with the beautiful piano and acoustic stylings, keeping all the girls happy.

This band is going in my top favorite bands even if they are no longer with us. Pick up their cd 'How The Lonely Keep' and just reminisce in what was so short lived.

[purevolume] Terminal

(Editor's Note: Sorry for not having mp3's today, neither of these bands offered any up. Songs are on both thier PureVolume sites though, so go and stream em'.)

Paul Seiler
Contributing Writer

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