Monday, February 13, 2006

Ok, nothing - I mean nothing - beats blowing off work to go to a local show... Other than blowing off work to go to a Schroder Show. Hunched by the stage at Somewhere Else Tavern just to be able to hear the beauty that is Schroder.

Its like a musical blessing that is passed down by the gods of beautiful melodies and harmonization. Before I felt this way, Schroder was just another band I had never heard of until one of my best friends Jay tells me I HAVE to go to this show because this band will melt my face off.

So I find myself debating whether I should call into work or not call into work. Which do you think I chose?

I went to the show waiting to have to pick up the melted remains that would soon become my face. I got to The Tavern and it was the normal array of groupie wannabes and bands wanting to make their break followed by the underage girls who are just trying to get attention and after a couple hours of mediocre bands with horrible lyrics, overplayed covers and too many set times run over, Schroder starts to set up.

No sooner than they touched the stage, it was an all out rat race to get to the front. Somehow, Jay and I managed to get up front. The room got quiet and the air became thick and Schroder broke out in the only way possible - beautiful guitar riffs and band synchronization set Schroder apart from all previous bands. Playing like they only had one instrument and they were all playing it together.

The thing that really set Schroder apart was the fact that they had no vocalist. Schroder explained why, "the songs being as complex as they are might be strong enough by themselves not to need vocals behind them." Ever since they have had a complete specialization in "mind blowing" instrumentals. And trust me MIND BLOWING is an understatement! The way Schroder rocked was... mind-blowingly-face-meltingish-makes-my-pants-fall-down-and-my-brain-do backflips-while-my-ears-are-eating-the-best-breakfast-they-have-ever-gotten kinda rocking.

There was just something about how these four guys, who were phenomenal musicians, could have found such a way to please everyone even without a microphone. Even though most bands are carried by one good instrumentalist or one good vocalist, Schroder was four GREAT musicians doing what seemed to come naturally to them.

I encourage everyone to give them a taste. They are a Greensboro, NC band and play shows constantly in the Greensboro area and continue to melt faces wherever they go. Check out show dates at Myspace or sample a few of the mindblowing instrumentals here on collective music one of the songs being a live version of my favorite schroder song. I have committed myself to see at least one schroder show a month and to help them, in their words, "continue to be the fighting force against the pre-fabricated pop/punk/emo that seems to have taken over,leaving the true musicians in the shadows." Woo D Woo Schroder keep rocking and showing us the true meaning of musical talent. Trust me if you go to a show you wont be disappointed.

[mp3] candlelight opera
[mp3] foreign inertia
[mp3] wedding dance

Chris Babcock
Contributing Writer


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rock on chris!!!!!


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