Friday, January 27, 2006

11 songs. 11 visionaries. 11 videos. DCFC is proud to present Directions, the companion to Plans.

Death Cab for Cutie has announced more details about their upcoming "Directions," a somewhat innovative anthology* of 12 short films inspired by each song on the band's acclaimed album Plans. Each song's video is being dreampt and installed by a different director. Eleven of the videos will be unveiled one by one at The first fillm which is 'Marching Bands of Manhattan' was added on January 23.

*When I say "somewhat innovative" it is because if I remember correctly, R. Kelly did a simalar project last year, Trapped in the Closet, a twelve part mini soap opera.**

The entire collection will be available on DVD April 11, 2006. Among the filmmakers contributing to "Directions" are Autumn de Wilde, P.R. Brown, Ace Norton, Jeffrey Brown, Lightborne, Rob Schrab, Lance Bangs, Laurent Briet and Monkmus, as well as Aaron Stewart-Ahn. Be sure and check the website for updates.

As for the first installment, 'Marching Bands of Manhattan', it is nothing short of amazing. Keep in mind, this is coming from a sincere and somewhat hardcore DCFC fan, one who was first in line to get a copy of Plans, even though I had found a pirated copy somewhere. I am a true fan. If by some terrible fate you don't own thier album, Plans, or even suffer from an even more awful condition and do not know about DCFC, click here.


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