Friday, January 27, 2006
So I haven't made a proper post today, only the review of MBR and I am sorry! Please forgive me oh faithful readers. I have a good excuse, I have been looking for new stuff all afternoon, and guess what! I found some shtuff I want to share!

I was reading over at A Boy And His Blog about Jason Collett. I had heard of Broken Social Scene but somehow had never really listened. Somehow a few Stars songs had ended up on my iPod too. Fiest is one of my favorite artists. Somehow I hadnt heard a word about Jason Collett and he is my style, but all of thier work is good.

I know his album came out about a year ago, but I am just learning about it and I am sure there are people who are reading this wondering who the heck is Jason? I would post mp3's tonight but my server is being stupid. So just head over to Jason Collett's site and check him out there.


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