Sunday, February 05, 2006
Deliciously eccentric and irresistably catchy, Matt & Kim were a duo I was fortunate enough to see live at the Werehouse in Winston. Opening for Parts and Labor, I found myself wishing that Matt & Kim had more time to play. The combination of Kim's relentless drums and Matt's clockwork keyboard playing make footstomping and head bobbing inevitable. I was completely absorbed by Matt's unique voice, timed perfectly in sync with the drums and keyboard.

The quick, crunchy rhythms of Matt & Kim have an uplifting quality that is endlessly charming and inviting. I found myself lost at times, enchanted with the sound; to have that effect on a listener is a true mark of success. Matt & Kim are also entertaining inbetween songs, bringing a great deal of personality to the stage. If you'd like to experience an all around fun show, if a little quirky, be sure to catch Matt & Kim live.

[mp3] Silver Tiles

[mp3] 205k
[mp3] Verbs Before Nouns

Zach Todd

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