Thursday, January 26, 2006
Matchbook Romance
* of *****

"Ummmmmmm yeah......" is exactly what I thought as I listened to Voices, Matchbook Romance's upcoming release. Voices goes in such a totally different direction than thier previous album, Stories and Alibis, its nearly sickening. I was pumped, waiting for another masterpiece, which I still say Stories and Alibis was. What I got instead was a mix between total crap and a misunderstanding of what music is.

Voices was one of my most anticipated CD releases of this year and after such a severe let down I don't think I'll anticipate another Matchbook Romance CD again. After a wonderful release like Stories and Alibis featuring songs like Promise, Tiger Lily and If All Else Fails, Voices falls short of the majestic empire that Matchbook Romance has built.

According to the Amazon Product Description:
"The band's sophomore release is a stunning artistic triumph. They've grown up, and in that process, reinvented themselves[!!!!!!!], delivering a record with much wider appeal than anything they've ever done. "Voices" holds close to MBR's emotional, post hardcore roots [!!!!!] while delivering massive sing-along choruses that'll carry the band to the widest possible audience."
Translation: They changed who they were to sell more albums... tisk tisk.

Although the CD in general was a complete let down, there is a thin silver lining. Track 10, What a Sight, is the best song on the album(though it still isnt that great). It combines the sounds that made Matchbook them who they were on their last album with decent vocals and a descent musical score.

Overall, What a Sight was, in no way, enough to pull the album together and make it what I, and possibly everyone else, has been waiting for. If you don't believe me, buy the album, but do not test me - you will regret it.

Christopher Babcock


2 Thoughts:

Blogger MyExBestFriend on 9:38 pm

Bummer, that bad huh? Loved Stories and Alibis.


Blogger Matt Blalock on 3:16 am

Didnt we all? I am not entirely sure it is QUITE as bad as he makes it out to be, but I can say without a doubt it is terrible in comparison to Stories.


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