Saturday, January 14, 2006

By Matt Blalock

I had never been to The Werehouse before but its reputation for a family like environment was all I had heard. The Werehouse is nearly impossible to find for a, but nonetheless a great place. It is truly a “hole in the wall”, nothing but such could have the welcoming atmosphere it has. It is situated directly beside rail tracks, and the occasional train horn continued to startle me all night.

The show was pretty awesome. The first band, I was a little unsure of, but after that, it was really amazing. It was almost an all female show, but the highlight for me was Tin Cup Prophette. Tin Cup Prophette frontwoman Amanda Kapousouz’s voice is truly awe-inspiring. Her humbleness was amazing, and she really connected with the audience. She seemed to wholeheartedly enjoy herself on stage, and her VOICE… there are no words to describe it. The few demo songs on Myspace do her absolutely no justice, I could have sat and listened to her for hours.

She has a new CD coming out in the next few months, hopefully I will find a copy in the mail so I can tell everyone how great it is!

Here’s a better sample of her sound - Unicycle – more can be found at her website.


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