Friday, January 13, 2006
If you are a in a band and would like Collective Music to check you out, e-mail us!
We should have the first reviews up before Monday, and advertisements go out all next week in Greensboro.
We are currently looking for people to hand out flyers at other colleges, and we are payin'. I dont know how much, but something. If your interested in making a few quick bucks, pop us another e-mail.

In case you forgot the e-mail, or dont see the link on the side, here it is.

Just to tease you, I found this awesome band. I'm going to their show tonight at The Werehouse in Winston-Salem, and Ill be sure to tell you how that goes later tonight. They will be performing with Tin Cup Prophette. They have a very different sound. See what you think.
The Werehouse
Winston-Salem, NC
Doors open at 9, $7.00
Hope For a GoldenSummer/Tin Cup Prophette/Cybelle

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