Thursday, January 12, 2006
This is the…
and best sounding,
music blog around,
and best place for you to learn about new music!

Well, who am I to say that? I am the creator, of course I like it… you be the judge!

This is not a personal blog!
Im sure your asking, “Well, what is it then?”
It is a collective blog. A place where many people, from many different backgrounds, with totally different views on everything tell how they feel about music. This is not just my opinion, it is not everyone’s, just OURS. We are, of course, welcoming new writers each day.
There is no focus on a particular genre, just good music. We, at this time only seem to have writers whose interests are in:
But that is not to mean we wouldn’t feature and R&B artist, or a hip-hop artist. We are ALWAYS looking for HOT, NEW music!!!

This is a place of interaction, not just a place to read about music. In the coming weeks, new website features will be added, including a place for musicians to unite, and also for bands to sell merch. WHAT IS BETTER THAN BAND MERCH???
I said before this is the best sounding blog, but you don’t hear anything huh?
Each post, review, news, and most everything will have a soundbyte, a little bit of what we are talking about. Sounds cool huh? That is all I have for now but, there should be about 2-10 posts a day, so check back often for updates!

Matt Blalock

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